LalinRóka Productions

LalinRóka Productions is the collective collaboration of Miss Honey Child and Tamas Oszvald (aka Roaming Trees Storytelling). 

The collaboration between Miss Honey Child and Tamas Oszvald is a series of immersive spoken-word performances based on traditional folk tales enhanced by music and food. At each show, the harmonic convergence of powerful oration, melodious music, and delicious food is curated to offer the audience an original event of which they’ve never experienced.

Our performances can be commissioned and easily tailored for family gatherings, festivals and for corporate events.

Please visit LalinRóka Productions’ website for more information

The Story of LalinRóka

I wrote a story, rather a tale about LalinRóka…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was a loving girl who loved her Grandmothers most of all. They taught her to create the ancient magic, in the oldways. She took to the pot like second nature, obeyed all instructions, and read all she was tasked her. She felt the righteousness of this toil. This she knew was why she was born. The Grands conferred when they saw her growing prowess with the spices and sugar, the way the lessons built her heart and emboldened her spirit. They knew to watch her closely. When they saw how the remedies came from her embraces, and her words, as deliciously as it did from her pots. They knew the time was at hand. It was time to let her know she was a Daughter of the Moon whose gifts would be very powerful if she remained faithful to the craft. Faithful to the creators of the magic, and generous with her gifts. This little girl, she grew into a Powerful conjurer. She could spread joy, seduction, healing, comfort, nurturing, kinship, and evoke nostalgia with her magic.

But as times grew challenging, the earth growing more ill by the day, men farther from their truths she worried about reaching enough people. She worried that the magic was being diluted and losing its potency. She cried to the heavens for a way to fulfil her purpose.

 Across the world, in a verdant mossy Hungarian forest, an inquisitive and charming fox cavorted joyfully. He was one of the few enchanted Foxes. And of those, one of the most special. He holds the powers of ancient guardians who could imitate any sound any living creature could make. He also had the power to lead, to teach, but his most sacred gift was, to encourage the best from pure souls. Those with the courage to seek the wisdom of the forest for its timeless understanding. One beautiful warm evening the Fox was communing with the stillness of the forest as he bent to drink from the river he was distracted by the luminous reflection of the full moon. Mesmerized he lifted his head to see the Moon itself smiling at him. He felt the Moon call him to Action. He was humbled because he knew the Moon chose him. He bowed and pledged himself to the moon at once. He promised to serve and take council from the moon, honour the gifted inspiration, and courage to whatever celestial orders he was given. The bond was made. As his offering was accepted he was instantly turned into a man with sky-coloured eyes. He wandered out of the forest resolute in his mission. His mission was to spread the gifts of his homeland to this ailing world. 

As these two went about their lives, educations, pleasures, and devotions the world became even more chaotic, fearful, and desperate. They each travelled the world making friends, making marriages, and trying their best to stay on the tasks entrusted to them. Until one day in a small garden at the bottom of the world, they happened to meet. She was there to teach children and cook an ancient recipe and he was in charge of the children and the woodlands they were to learn in! What a meeting it was! On that day the seeds for this partnership were planted. As the two got to know each other they noticed something peculiar. They each felt the weight of Otherness on their new friend. Niceties and decorum kept them from being too nosy or pushy. That is until one day she was bursting and could no longer hold back. She confessed that she knew his true form. She couldn’t help herself. She’d been waiting for a sign for such a long time she risked the Moon’s displeasure by asking him about his forms. He sighed with great relief and confessed he also had been crying out to the Moon for answers to take his mission further. They both felt the press of the World’s dangers and were eager to spread healing and joy. To provide hope and courage. To start sharing the Remedy. They both laughed with unbridled joy! They knew the Moon blessed their union, had conspired for it in fact! How else could they have met in the garden on that special day?

This was a Celestial-blessed adventure.


Now we can begin!