My Consultancy

Spokes Honey Consultancy 

The opportunity to endorse a restaurant or a product is no small feat. To unite publicly with an institution that has a legacy of its own, ethical and mindful production that results in impeccable quality is an honour. 

This is one of the things I am most proud of achieving. I feel it is a testament to my character and the result of my own perilously high standards. 

Through my lifetime of travels and studies, I have gained authentic experiences that have made the food I create Art unto itself. As a young person when I was learning to preserve produce with fermentation and smoke, I never dreamed it would lead me to. I am so very grateful to the crates of fresh greens I have trimmed, hinds of beef I have smoked, shrimp I have peeled and cleaned, ice cream I have cranked, pie crusts I have crimped, or cheeses I have scrubbed and turned.

 This has led to menu design and product creation with Tasmanian Bars and Restaurants.  

This is yet another thing that I am eternally grateful to Australia for. She has opened her arms to me in the most generous and gracious of ways. I was able to take who I already was and prove consistently the standards I was capable of producing, and because of this opportunity, I have been rewarded with Excellence.

Tamar Valley Truffles – 2022

Here you find some of the videos I created with @mirostudio for Tamar Valley Truffles.

You can find more videos here.

Kinoko Deli, Hobart – 2021

If you have the good fortune of visiting Tasmania, please stop into Kinoko Deli in Hobart’s CBD, and try one of the poke bowls or loaded fries I created.

Food Judge for the Royal Tasmanian Agricultural Society

Behind the scenes, you can also find me as a Food Judge for the Royal Tasmanian Agricultural Society. I have put my palate, knowledge and understanding into all manner of delicious submissions that has helped Australia be just that much more delicious. You can look for the wink of bronze, silver, or gold medals at finer independent grocers for truly exceptional tastes of Australian creators.

If you have Consultancy needs of any kind from inception, creation, marketing, or updating please do not hesitate to get in contact. From the cafe plates to the store shelves, I have insight that can enhance or improve what you already have.